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Recent Projects: Spring 2021 Bathroom Renovation Project

Hi everyone!

The warmer weather is finally upon us and I’m here to share another amazing client project we just recently completed - this stunning open and bright bathroom.

Bathrooms are some of my favourite projects, mostly because I enjoy the challenge of creating a beautiful and functional design in small and sometimes limited space. As the smallest rooms in our homes, our bathrooms provide an important function to our families and guests. And of course, we want them to be beautiful as well as functional.

For me, creating a usable space is just as important as a pretty space. Prior to beginning any bathroom project, I always make sure to consult with my clients about their storage space needs to ensure we are creating a space that is easily maintained and won’t easily accumulate clutter. After all, smart design takes functionality into consideration along with aesthetics.

For this space, my client wanted a bright, neutral colour palette that we accentuated with crisp, clean lines and by using neutral muted accent colours throughout. I love the endless options we have when the features and primary colour palette of the space is a white and grey neutral combo. It’s like working with an entirely blank canvas. To help pull the room together with a bit of colour, I added some greenery, natural wood finishes and this fun fuzzy stool.

We kept things sleek and stylish with subtle metal for the shower and sink fixtures so as not to draw away from the clean lines and white space. I love how this bathroom is easily transitioned between the seasons, with the neutral colour palette making an excellent base for seasonal decor and different accents.

I used muted pinks and raw wood to help add depth to the room with greenery to help brighten up and add a touch of nature. To me, this really creates that relaxing spa-like vibe. However, you could also easily add richer jewel tones and more bold splashes of colour to create a unique personality that matches the decor of the rest of your home. The opportunities are endless when you start with a classic neutral base such as this.

Another element I love in this bathroom is the mix of traditional and unconventional tile placement throughout the room. In the shower, we used a combination of horizontal and vertical white subway tiles with small white and grey hexagon tiles for the floor and surrounding base.

I love the contrast these tile placements have not only with each other but also with the traditionally horizontal subway tiles along the sides of the bathtub. I always recommend my clients keep an open mind when thinking about tile placement in their space, especially when it comes to white classic subway tiles. This project is an excellent example of how some simple tile placement changes can add dimension to even the most neutral of colour palettes.

What do you think of this project? Let me know in the comments below!

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