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How to find the best window coverings for your space

Hi friends!

I hope you are all enjoying this hot hot hot summer we are having! As many of us know (especially this month!), the right window coverings can make all the difference in the look and feel of your home. Whether you are a fan of sheers, drapes, or more practical blinds, there are a ton of ways to use window coverings to tie your whole space together.

Today, we’re going to be chatting about some of the window covering trends I love and how to use them in your home best.

Design trends I love - using window coverings to create the illusion of a bigger room.

At Terra Currie Designs, we have a motto that bigger is usually better when it comes to window coverings. I love the look of hang drapes with an extra fabric puddle at the bottom (think 2 inches longer than your entire floor to ceiling height). Whenever possible, I try to hang these types of curtains from the very top of the wall near the ceiling to help create the illusion of a longer room. After all, wearing long skinny pants makes us look taller right? It’s the same for your home.

Design trends I love - valances can be hip!

Another design trend that I am loving is contemporary valances. When I suggest valances, I often get the “HECK NO!” eyes from my clients. But done right, valances can really help to pull together a contemporary look for your home. The key to finding the proper valance for your space is looking for a few key elements:

  • Modern textures, colours and designs

  • Properly fitting and more box-style, built-in designs

One of the things I love most about contemporary-style valances is the ability to hide older windows or window hardware. This is the perfect option for creating a more modern feel in an older home.

Design trends I love - opening up small spaces

A common question I often get from my clients is how to find the right window coverings for small spaces such as in kitchens, bathrooms or small bedrooms. One of my favourite tricks is to use designer drapes but with a twist!

For these smaller windows, I recommend buying one drape and cutting it in half so you can maximize the drama without blowing your budget. In these types of spaces, I like to hang drapes with two smaller rods on either side of the window instead of one long rod across the entire room. Trust me; this hack is a game changer!

Pro tip: When measuring your windows for any type of window coverings, I recommend using these tips to help find the best option for you.
Measure the inside and outside of the window frame, so you know your options for inside versus outside mount window coverings
Always measure to the nearest ⅛”, don’t round up or down!
A traditional steel measuring tape is always more accurate than a cloth measuring tape.

What are your favourite window covering trends? Let me know in the comments below!

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