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Finishing off 2021 with two major renovations!

Hi friends!

As we finish off 2021, I am so excited to share one of the two whole home projects I recently wrapped up this fall. These renovations were a fun challenge for me and I loved the opportunity to provide this comprehensive service for my clients.

Today we are going to be chatting about the most recent renovation I wrapped up - we’ll call it the “60s home”.

I started this renovation by reimagining the space and discussing with my clients in-depth about how they would like to modernize this mainly original 1960’s bungalow. We kicked the renovation off the bang by removing all existing walls and entirely opening up the space. We made the formerly choppy 1100 square-foot bungalow into a new open concept, contemporary space with executive finishes.

With this style of home, we had to get creative to maximize space and bring the home into the 21st century. We took out the second bedroom upstairs to help redevelop the master bedroom, living room and kitchen spaces. This client was downsizing from a 2100 square-foot two-story home in Westpark to this older style bungalow in Old Fort, so maximizing space while also modernizing the home was a top priority for them.

One of my favourite things about this renovation was the opportunity to work in different spaces while creating a distinctive flow throughout the house. It was almost like working with a blank canvas in many ways. We tried to keep things new and contemporary without being overly trendy. This was accomplished by choosing classic finishes like tile - since this type of work is harder to change out in the future! We stuck with a neutral colour palette throughout the home and I am super happy with the cohesiveness that these design elements bring.

One element of this home that I was super excited about was the kitchen. The client always wanted a white kitchen so it was great to make that dream a reality for her. We added wood accents throughout the kitchen space to add a touch of personality and depth to this otherwise blank canvas. What do you think about white kitchens? Let me know in the comments below!

Since these clients were downsizing from a much larger home into a more compact bungalow, functional storage was a big thing to keep in mind in everything we did. In the design phase, we made strategic decisions to ensure all the spaces has functional storage top of mind. This included adding a barn door in the basement bathroom so there was still access to the under the stairs storage without it being cumbersome having a swing door in a small space. Plus I love the down-home feel that a barn door brings to a neutral colour palette space.

Functional storage is a very important idea with these types of Renos so we had to ensure we used all the spaces when designing the layouts, part of this was adding the barn door in the basement bathroom so we could still use under the stairs storage without it being cumbersome with a swing door within a small room.

Thanks for reading along and I hope this gave you some design inspiration for your next space!

Remember, even if you don’t have it in your budget to do a massive whole-home reno, working with a designer on even small projects can help to address a number of different challenges and really liven up your space. I am still accepting clients for the winter and spring months, check for more information on my Services page!

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