Wildly Delicious Food Products

Wildly Delicious Food Products

Fig, Apple, Walnut Compote: This is best on chedder- think old crumbly white bold cheese with this sweet addition... yum 150g


Green Olive Tapenade: 220gGreat to add to your charcuterie or appie platesMild for those just getting into olives but tasty enough even a olive snob will love up on this bad boy


Caramelized Onion Compote: 150gGreat on bread, Charcuterie or to cook with. 


Balsamic Bread Dipper: Pumped full of all the good stuff (herbs) this is also great on beet salads and potatoes!150ml


Asiago Bread Dipper: 150mlOil bread dipper with beautiful chunks of asiago and artichokeServe with a french bread and take all the glory for a great starter!